Equipment Upgrade

Calculate the square footage of the house in order to determine the proper size of the necessary unit.

If the square footage is 1,600 divide by 400 to help you determine the proper size (1,600 / 400 = 4 Ton). If the unit is under 4 Ton you will need to upgrade the system.

System Upgrade from 10 Seer to 13 Seer or Higher

This is very important when it comes to saving electricity. The higher seer rating the better the system is. The higher seer rating indicates that the system is a more efficient unit and consumes less energy.

Air Duct Replacement

Air duct should be replaced if the insulation of the duct is deflated or falling apart.

Electronic Air Filter

In order to insure clean air, Air Supply offers electronic air filter installations to clean the circulating air in your home.